Best Tips How to Insurance House

Best Tips How to Insurance House

Some people consider a house an asset that takes a long time to get, therefore there are also those who consider the house an achievement in a person's life. Therefore, according to Vira, insuring the house should be done because it is for the sake of prevention and also as a form of protection or protection if at any time something untoward happens.

How Home Insurance Works

Home insurance has a function as a provider of protection on property for unwanted losses such as theft, fires to natural disasters including earthquakes, landslides, angina typhoons and floods.

Actually, how to insure a house to an insurance company is not difficult and can even be done at any time. You just have to go to a trusted insurance company. Then apply for home insurance by filling out a number of data and the insurance will conduct a survey to the house to determine the value of the house.

As for some investigations that will be carried out by the insurance to be able to receive home insurance claims such as checking the price of home materials and assessing the house by checking access to transportation modes.

Usually checking the price of home materials is done to find out whether the material used is flammable or not. Checking access to transportation modes, can the house be easily accessed by firefighters ?

If the house is quite difficult to reach public transportation access, whether the house can be easily accessed by the fire department or not. If the house is quite difficult to reach, the mode of transportation, especially extinguishers. 

If so, usually the insurance will apply for a premium price that is high enough or could even do insurance rejection. How home insurance works is actually not much different from other goods.

If you want an insurance claim, it needs to be accompanied by various valid evidence. For example, if you apply for home insurance due to fire, a supporting certificate from the police is needed to conduct an investigation into whether this fire is natural or not, intentional or not.

Costs incurred for Insurance Premiums

Premium is a number of payments listed in the policy that the policyholder agrees to pay to the insurance company. How to calculate the cost of home insurance premiums is generally not as difficult as imagined. To facilitate the explanation, reported from Allianz, here are some pictures of the cost of insurance premiums.

For example :

You have a house with a building area of 100 m2 with a home coverage value of USD400 million, then the cost needed to pay insurance premiums is around USD 4 million. This is because the value of coverage will be obtained by calculating the amount of funds needed to build a house of 100 m2. If currently it takes a total of USD 4 million to build every one square meter then an area of 100 m2 requires USD 400 million.

The value of coverage calculated is not only from the physical building of the house but the assets contained in the house. There is also an overview of the cost of insurance premiums reported by Zurich Insurance Indonesia which can be your information.

For example, the value of home coverage or rebuilding costs is around USD 350 million and the value of household collateral or the cost of damage and loss costs worth 100 million.

So that the total value of coverage is worth 450 as well. Then the premium paid can be worth USD 675 million and can be in installments with a certain deal every month.

When going to do home insurance, you must know the overall ins and outs of the services provided. For basic information, there are several insurance claims that can be disbursed by the insurance company such as natural disasters, riots, theft and also home improvements.

Property All Risk or Industrial All Risk is a type of insurance that is unnamed perils which means providing guarantees against the risks that occur at the price of objects or interests insured. Some exceptions that cannot be claimed by this insurance include war, terrorism, nuclear and also radioactive to intentionality, pollution or contamination. Services from the Property All Risks guarantee provided are: riots, natural disasters or water damage such as rain and flooding.

The Tips How to Insurance House

If you have decided to use home insurance, here are tips on insuring a home that can be considered. Let's see more sob!

1. Conduct Surveys and Comparisons

Before choosing an insurance company, it's good for you to do a comparison survey of various companies. Don't just focus on one insurance company. You must make a comparison related to costs and claims that are given. Because usually the insurance company has a trusted official website so you can conduct surveys and comparisons online.

Of course, before deciding on an insurance company, you should also be able to consider the track record of the insurance company such as credibility, complaints to licensing and legality of the company.

2. Using the Right Police

An insurance policy is a contract or an agreement between the insurance company and the insurance holder. The policy itself can be evidence that the insured party has transferred the risk to the insurance company.

Before you agree to insure a home, make sure you know well the overall contents of the insurance policy. If you have difficulty learning the contents of the policy, it is better to ask for the help of an expert or insurance broker.

3. Determining The Value of Coverage

The next tip that you can pay attention to is when determining the value of coverage. Sometimes, there are customers who only choose the lowest insurance premium without knowing the benefits of the insurance from the premium they choose. Make sure you have a compact coverage value for rebuilding as a whole. The trick with you is to consult on insurance to discuss the value of home coverage.

The last tips that you can pay attention to are knowing the insurance claim process. Of course, this is very important so that in the future when there is a risk to the property, you will not have difficulty. This you can pay attention to when you want to sign a contract or policy at an insurance company. Those are the How to insurance your house tips. Hope it can help you.
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