Why I Can't Cancel My Health Insurance?

Why I Can't Cancel My Health Insurance?

Why can't I cancel my health insurance ? The policy in a lapse condition (Inactive) can be caused by an unpaid premium after passing the grace period (generally 45 days from the policy's due date). Or because the value of the investment in the policy is no longer sufficient to pay the existing costs so that the policy automatically becomes a lapse (for unit link products).

Troubleshooting Tips for Cancel Health Insurance

Make Premium Payments Regularly

Use the auto debit feature (credit card / bank account) to avoid forgetfulness of premium payments. Generally, insurance companies provide a mandatory deposit period of 3-5 years at the beginning (depending on product features). At that time customers must store & not yet allowed to leave premiums.

Review & Check

Do a Review & check the investment value of the policy periodically to make sure the policy is still active so that the value of the policy investment is sufficient to pay the existing costs. 

If needed, do Top Up (additional Investment) to your unit link policy.Choose several unit link products in the market that have anti-lapse warranty features. Generally the feature applies to the first 10 years of the premium payment period.

The anti-lapse guarantee guarantees the policy will stay alive even if the value of the investment does not pay enough costs (it could be due to risk factors up and down the investment that cause the balance to decrease under illustration). 

More anti-lapse guarantees are needed for the initial 10 years of premium payments because in the first 5 years usually the value of the investment has not been formed to the maximum because there are acquisition costs. While the costs have been running since the policy was approved, which can be the cost owed in accordance with product specifications.

The police are waiting. Generally, individual health insurance products have a waiting period of 30 days from the date the policy is approved. In the case of an accident, a 30-day waiting period is exempt. Claims can be directly paid for accident cases.

But don't forget to also pay attention to the waiting period for a special disease. Usually included in the illustration & special provisions of the policy. The waiting period for a special illness generally lasts from 12 months to 24 months. These specific diseases include: Cancer, Tumor, heart, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, cataracts, HNP and others (according to the provisions of each product).

Carefully Study The Waiting Period

Learn & read the contents of the police.Discuss with your financial counselor before purchasing a policy.Government regulations protect customers by providing a free look period for 14 days to study the policy (from the time the customer receives the policy). You can cancel the policy if you do not agree with the clauses listed in the policy, which may differ from the financial counselor's explanation.

The disease filed when the claim is a pre-existing disease ( preexisting ). This means that the disease already has symptoms, diagnoses & medical records in the hospital, and doctors who treat. Any pre-existing conditions will automatically come in as an exception. 

This is very reasonable because the protection contract is guaranteeing risks that have not occurred. It doesn't guarantee something that's already happened.

Not all filing processes require a medical check in advance. It could be that the policy application is without a medical check. Filling out a medical history will affect the underwriting process (risk selection at the beginning). 

The coverage contract is made on the basis of utmost good faith, which means that it takes good faith & honesty to convey the actual condition in writing in the submission letter Close-up of insurance policy contract papers. Life insurance policy terms of use concept.

Before The Risk of Illness, Immediately Have Health Protection

So that all risks can be fully protected. Pay attention to the medical history filling data when filing a policy. Discuss with your financial counselor (FC) professionally. It needs openness from prospective customers in order to get complete information related to Pre Existing Condition from the serving FC. 

Some cases of the disease can remain in charge with the condition subject to extra premiums. But it can also be done to make exceptions to existing pain and its complications.

The claims process with the Cashless system (by card) is not at an associate hospital. In this case the customer must pay for itself first & do reimburse afterwards. Some conditions can occur even though treatment is done in an associate hospital, where the card still cannot be used. 

This can be because the provider system is not running perfectly (partner hospitals are still new, hospital staff who have not received complete socialization and others).

Always Bring a Health Insurance Card on The Carpet

So that when there is a risk of sudden pain, it can be used immediately. Take treatment to an associate hospital. The list of partner hospitals is generally on the official website of the related insurance company. It can also be obtained from FC. Some companies already have programs / applications on smartphones that can show quickly and accurately their partners (even have a google map display for their location).

If you experience card authorization constraints while in an associate hospital, contact the hotline from the relevant insurance company or Provider (the 3rd party that handles the administrative process at the hospital). Hotline numbers are generally listed on health insurance cards. The claims process with the Reimburs system of Cashless products (with cards) requires complete supporting documents. 

Prepare & Save The Claim Form for The Contents of The Doctor

Used when at any time must be treated in a non-partner hospital. Forms can be stored digitally on a smartphone, which at any time can be printed / emailed to non-partner hospitals.The form to be filled out by the doctor should be given at the beginning of treatment. And make sure it has been filled properly & complete by the doctor, shortly after being allowed out of the hospital.

Many incidents of forgetting to provide the form at the beginning cause the customer finally had to be delayed for a long time and go back and forth to the hospital again to take care of the form because it had been out of the hospital and had difficulty seeing the treating doctor.Re-examine the doctor's filling data, make sure the diagnosis given is in accordance with the main pain symptoms.

There was an experience of form stuffing by doctors, where a customer who was sick from the virus until his body was hot & full of red patches. One of the side effects of the virus is that the customer feels a headache (chepalgia). If the doctor writes that the diagnosis is Chepalgia, and the policy has not passed the waiting period of a special disease of 1 year then the claim will be rejected.

Because in the provisions of health insurance, Chepalgia is included in the disease exemption in the waiting period that applies in some insurance companies.But after a review of the case by the claims department and getting some supporting data, where the Doctor also agreed to change the diagnosis to be sick due to the virus, then the claim can finally be paid. This is the importance of checking the contents of the filling form from the doctor.

The claims process is known as Fraud (insurance crime through manipulation & fraud). Currently in the spotlight by many insurance companies in Indonesia are cash plan products. Where the product is designed actually to provide reimbursement of income lost during not working due to hospitalization.

Generally available replacement compensation ranging from 250 thousand to 2 million per day multiplied by the length of hospitalization. The coverage is paid to the customer's account regardless of the amount of hospital costs incurred. So Hopefully Why can't I cancel my health insurance problem can be solved.
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