Insurance Agent : Definition, Duties, and Conditions

Insurance Agent : Definition, Duties, and Conditions

Consumers are inseparable from the success of an agent in marketing the products and services of his company. Of course, being a good insurance agent does not necessarily make insurance products sell well.

There needs to be a strategy to approach and convince potential consumers to join as insurance customers. The good performance of insurance agents certainly brings benefits to the company and makes the public get the benefits of insurance policies even more. Here are the ins and outs of insurance agents that will be discussed in this article.

Definition of Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a person or legal entity whose activities provide services in marketing insurance services for and on behalf of the insurer (Insurance Company).

An agent will make an agreement between the insurance user and the insurance company, where the agreement will be regulated in an insurance agreement. This job allows an agent to work at one insurance company only to maintain professionalism and also more time to study insurance products with the achievement targets that have been set by the company.

Duties of Insurance Agents

An agent will be burdened with heavy enough duties and responsibilities to be able to develop his career, but also maintain the credibility of the insurance company in the eyes of customers and competitors. For those of you who are wondering what the details of an insurance agent's duties are, here are the duties and responsibilities of an agent that must be fulfilled.

1. Duties and responsibilities to yourself

To be able to continue to struggle in the insurance career, an agent is required to continue to learn and develop in order to keep pace with the times and understand what many people need today so as to further strengthen professionalism in accordance with his expertise.

2. Duties and responsibilities of the company

The agent's job is to control the products and regulations of the company. In addition, the achievement targets that must be met in accordance with the agreement become the main tasks that must be completed.

3. Duties and responsibilities on the customer

To maintain a good relationship, an agent is not allowed to leave a customer who is already an insurance policy holder. Strive to maintain communication and be a solutive figure who helps all customer complaints and questions during his tenure as a police officer.

4. Duties and responsibilities of agents in the community

Agents are responsible for providing valid and correct information to the public about insurance service products without the slightest engineering. Proper education on insurance services and insurance companies will make people aware of the importance of insurance for their lives. With education and valid information in the community, of course the task of an agent is easier because it has gained a positive image in the community.

The Role of Insurance Agents in the Insurance Industry

The insurance business model may still be conventional from a dozen years ago, but times have changed with more modern digitization. This is unavoidable by the insurance industry and agents take an important role in this condition. Its role is quite important in educating customers and the public because the insurance industry in Indonesia has developed following the development of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

For example, a digitally literate car insurance agent will assist him in improving performance such as speeding up the process of policy management, online services, operation of smartphone applications, and other aspects that have adopted industry 4.0.

Indonesia currently occupies the second position as a country with a level of optimism in implementing the 4.0 industrial revolution under Vietnam. This needs to be an important note for agents to continue to develop themselves into the spearhead of the success of the insurance industry in line with the development of the times.

Insurance Agent Criteria

To be able to become a freelance insurance agent and start a career marketing insurance products from a company, then there are several criteria that must be had such as :

a. Good communication skills

By having good communication skills, of course, the presentation of all insurance products and company biographies can be conveyed clearly and targeted to potential customers.

b. Mastery of insurance products

Every prospective customer has different questions about the insurance services offered. For that, for example, a competent Allianz insurance agent must master all the information related to insurance products and answer all questions asked by potential customers.

c. Willingness to learn

Insurance companies are always evolving and the trends of potential customers are also changing so that an agent must be able to develop himself to continue to learn new things related to insurance products as well as interaction with new potential customers.

d. Emotional intelligence

Having emotional intelligence allows an agent to understand which insurance product is right for a potential customer. This ability of emotional intelligence also builds a more intimate intimacy so that potential customers feel treated like family.

e. Persistence

Marketing insurance products requires great persistence because there are targets that must be achieved. The more persistent an agent is in marketing the product, the greater the income earned.

Insurance Agent Terms

a. Choose an insurance company

Currently there are many insurance companies in Indonesia that you can choose to register as an agent. Even a foreign insurance company with high credibility can be your target. Find out about the background of the company and also the benefits when you become an agent in the company. After careful consideration, choose the best company in your opinion.

b. Register as an insurance agent

Each insurance company has different terms and conditions for each prospective agent who registers. This also needs to be understood because usually each agent will be focused on one type of insurance only as the target of the product. For example, health insurance, education insurance, property and luxury insurance, and more. For example, you must be wondering how to become a Prudential agent. From here you can guess where the career direction is and who the target audience is.

c. Attend training

Once you are declared accepted, the insurance company will conduct training so that the agent has the resources to deal with potential customers. This training includes insights into the insurance business and the products on offer. All training materials will be a bullet in marketing the product competently.

d. Obtain a certificate

When the training has been completed successfully, then you will receive a certificate from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association that confirms that you are an agent who is ready to face potential customers and market insurance products legally and officially.

e. Comply with the rules of associations and insurance companies

As an insurance agent, it is necessary to abide by the code of ethics and rules of the association for the common good. Given that there are many insurance products on the market and various insurance companies are competing healthily out there to get potential customers, then an agent must be able to maintain the credibility of the company as well as the insurance products offered.
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