Tips for Choosing the Right Family Health Insurance

Tips for Choosing the Right Family Health Insurance

Thinking carefully and not rushing in choosing health insurance for the family is important. Here are tips on choosing the best health insurance products. Sustaining the cost of living is not an easy thing, especially health problems. To plan for it all, many people choose to use health insurance. It is not to expect to get sick, but with this insurance at least there is preparation when the problem occurs suddenly.

Choosing health insurance can not be arbitrary because currently salted insurance products are offered in Indonesia. Before determining the choice of insurance to be used, many things must be considered so that you do not miss a step. Therefore, consider the tips on choosing the best health insurance for families below

Tips on Choosing The Health Insurance

Insurance Products Come from Companies That Are Clearly

The first thing to consider when choosing health insurance is its clear origin. As time progresses, insurance companies are increasingly standing up. However, not all companies have good credibility.

Therefore, choose insurance products that at least come from reputable companies or have a good reputation in the eyes of the public. At least the company must meet some of the things it must have in order to be said to be a professional insurance company.

Among them, such as being listed as a company recognized by the ministry of law, finance and registered by financial authority. In addition, many positive testimonials from previous users. You can also look at reviews on the internet and see how insurance users from the company respond.

When going to choose insurance, the company usually offers its superior products. As a wise person you must determine health insurance according to your needs, because it will affect the services and facilities provided.

Get to know the insurance products offered

Then what must be considered is to recognize well what products are offered by the insurance. In general, there are two products that are usually offered by health insurance, including hospital cash plan and hospital benefit.

Hospital cash plan insurance is health insurance that covers the daily cost of the hospital multiplied by the number of days of treatment. This insurance does not set an amount based on the cost of treatment or treatment reviews, so you can get insurance money with a small or large amount.

As for hospital benefits is the replacement of more complex medical expenses in accordance with the previously agreed contract. Some reimbursements such as drug costs, hospitalizations, consultations or doctor visits, laboratory costs, surgery, to the ICU.

Choose Insurance According to Needs

Instead of being confused about choosing a variety of insurance products, it would be better if you choose health insurance according to your needs. For example, adjusting to the history of disease or health care needs, so that later it can reduce the cost of handling.It is important to carefully take into account which insurance to use. This is so that there is no inequality. Therefore, you should collect information about what services you want to choose and then adjust it to your funds.

After doing some of these steps you can determine which insurance products you want to use. For example, you want to get VIP facilities and other exclusive fees, then look for information about the service first.

Know the benefits of this insurance

One thing that is no less important before determining health insurance is knowing what benefits will be obtained. Because the main purpose of using insurance is to protect yourself and as a form of anticipation if unwanted things, especially health problems occur suddenly.

An insurance company in addition to describing the products owned usually also mentions the benefits that will be obtained if you choose it. For example, the benefits of getting health payment protection for your family.

That way, as long as the insurance is still valid the availability of funds to finance care needs will be met. So, no need to worry anymore about how to meet health needs.

Another benefit that is not felt is being able to save and manage finances well. You have to set aside money to pay premiums each month as a health insurance fund. So for those who have difficulty managing finances, it's good to allocate it using insurance.

Know Which Clinics and Hospitals To Work With

It is fitting that health insurance companies cooperate with several hospitals. For trusted companies, these partners are generally spread throughout Indonesia or even to overseas hospitals. Therefore, it is important for you to know which hospitals are partners.

After knowing the hospital that is a partner of the company, you are also obliged to know how the care and services are provided.

This will affect satisfaction if you are treated at the place. In general, there are two types of treatment, namely hospitalization or inpatient and outpatient or known as outpatient.

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, there is also health insurance that covers the cost of childbirth, the cost of dental care or treatment and other treatments. Therefore, research again before dropping the choice on health protection products.

It would be better if there is a hospital that is located not far from home so it is easy to reach and more effective.

Ease of Payment System

For health insurance users an easy payment system is clearly an important aspect to consider. You need to know what kind of payment system is used by the insurance company. In general, there are two insurance payment systems that are commonly used, including:


As the name suggests, cashless means paying without the need to spend cash. When you want to make a treatment payment, just take it out and show an insurance card as proof. That way the payment will be processed immediately.

Please note that this cashless payment has certain limits and rules. Therefore, if your fees exceed the limit there will be additional charges. 


While reimbursement is a payment system where you as a customer will bear medical expenses first and then replaced by the insurance. The way to get a replacement is to simply show proof of payment to the insurance. So, keep the evidence carefully so that you can get a replacement.

Know How to Claim

Tips that are no less important next is to know how to claim the insurance. Not a few people who are not careful in reading the health insurance information chosen.

For example they take a reimbursement payment system where they have to bear the payment first and can only claim and there they feel cheated because they think all insurance payments use a cashless system.

For those of you who have determined and chosen health insurance in two different companies can use double claims. There are several insurances that now implement a dual claims system. This means that the claim is made with one proof of payment but is divided into two, namely original and legalist.

Legalistir evidence you can use to claim in company A and the original is used for insurance claims in other companies.

Choose the Type of Insurance That Is Purely for Health

Maybe you are no stranger, if many insurance companies also offer investment in it, this insurance is known as unit link. In order to get the maximum insurance benefits, you should choose pure health insurance. Surely you're wondering what's different about other insurance?

For pure insurance you will benefit more from paying premiums for health needs. While insurance accompanied by investment, premiums paid will be divided or considered as a form of investment.

In addition, the cost of premiums for pure health insurance is much lower because it does not cover much handling. So, think back to whether you will choose pure insurance or who joined the investment.

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