All Risk Car Insurance Explanation

All Risk Car Insurance Explanation

As the name implies, all risk car insurance will protect your car from all possible risks, ranging from accidents, natural disasters, damage due to riots/riots, even when your car is stolen by someone !

Difference between All Risk Car Insurance and TLO Car Insurance (Total Loss Only)

The most basic difference between these two insurances is in the coverage area.

TLO insurance aka total loss only will guarantee your car from damage of more than 75% or if it is lost because it is stolen. This means that if your car is scratched due to being hit by another vehicle, or the rearview mirror is broken when entering the alley, both damages will not be covered by the insurance because the percentage of damage is below 75%.

All risk car insurance has a higher premium than TLO, but your car is guaranteed from all risks of damage, be it small or large for any reason, so even if the damage to your car is below 75% you can still file a claim with the insurance.

All Risk Car Insurance Benefits

By using all risk car insurance, you will get 3 benefits that you cannot get with other types of car insurance, such as :

1. The car is totally protected

With this comprehensive car insurance, you no longer need to worry about the risk of damage that can happen to your car because the size of the damage is not a major factor in whether the claim is accepted or not, in contrast to the type of TLO insurance which requires car damage above 75%.

2. Wider scope of benefits

In contrast to TLO which only covers damage and total loss benefits, comprehensive car insurance has the option of extending the coverage. With this extended guarantee, you can protect your car from special risks such as natural disasters, riots, and third party liability if the cause of an accident causes other drivers to get injured.

3. Make the mind calmer

Because all risk car insurance protects you from all risks, you no longer need to feel afraid or anxious when bad things happen to your car, the burden of repair costs will also not haunt your wallet. Life becomes more comfortable and calm.

Types of Expansion of Car Insurance Benefits

If you buy all risk car insurance, there is an expansion of the benefits of car insurance. So, what does this all risk car insurance benefit include?

1. Hurricanes, Floods, Hurricanes, Hail & Landslides

Hurricanes, floods, storms, hail, and landslides are unexpected natural events that can damage a car at any time. Car damage caused by these things can be very large, and requires a lot of repair costs. It can even be almost the same as the price of a car. Well, to anticipate greater losses, you can add an expansion of insurance benefits to your car protection. The expansion of this insurance benefit is perfect for those of you who are in flood-prone areas,

2. Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcanic Eruption

In addition to the natural occurrences mentioned earlier, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions can also cause severe car damage. Can you imagine how much service fees do you need to prepare to return the car to its original condition? Wow, your emergency funds might run out instantly. Fortunately, there is an expansion of insurance benefits that you can take to anticipate these things.

3. Riot and Riot

The perpetrators of riots and riots on the road never choose which car they will damage. If you have this, it could be that your car is the victim. To demand compensation from the car wrecker also seems futile. Herein lies the importance of expanding the benefits of car insurance to cover riots and riots.

4. Terrorism and Sabotage

Almost the same as riots, no one can avoid it if the car has become a victim of terrorism and sabotage. You can use extended insurance benefits for terrorism and sabotage to fully and fully protect your car.

5. Legal Liability to Third Parties

If you often do carelessness on the road, then you need to have this third party legal liability extension. If you are careless while driving and cause a third party loss, the insurance will reimburse the third party for compensation. You can also be calmer while driving on the road.

6. Personal Accident

Using extended personal accident insurance benefits can protect passengers from possible car accidents. Starting from body defects, loss of limbs, to medical expenses will be fully covered by the insurance.

Tips for Choosing and Buying All Risk Car Insurance

In order to get maximum car protection, you need to apply the following tips in choosing and buying all risk car insurance.

1. Choose a Credible and Trusted Insurance Company

A credible and trusted company will provide maximum service to its customers. In addition, buying insurance from a trusted company will be able to minimize the emergence of risk in the future.

2. Know the Clarity of Polis well

Before actually buying a policy with a certain premium, make sure you clearly know the contents of the policy. Many people feel cheated by insurance products just because they don't understand the contents and terms of the policy.

3. Pay attention to the budget and its suitability with the benefits offered

Paying attention to the budget and suitability with benefits is also important so that you don't regret it later. Do not let you feel that the cost of insurance with the benefits obtained are not comparable.

4. Avoid choosing products that do not cover all types of risks

Safe insurance products certainly cover all types of risks. So make sure the product you buy really covers all the risks with a reasonable budget.

5. Know What is Own Risk (OR) Cost

Own risk costs are costs that must be borne by the policy owner personally for certain risks. You need to know these fees and the amount before actually signing the policy.

6. Pay attention to the exceptions to the policy that will be mutually agreed

In the policy, there will generally be an exception that contains any risks that are not covered by the insurance. Read carefully and make sure the content really matches expectations.

7. Choose the product with the most benefits for your needs

Good insurance is insurance that suits your needs. Avoid buying insurance products that don't suit your needs because they're wasted. The cost for the vehicle that you spend can be redundant.

8. Choose Companies and Products That Cooperate With Extensive Network/Workshop Partners

You will have difficulty making a claim if the insurance does not provide a workshop with an extensive network. The reason is, the existence of a widely spread partner workshop is very important.

9. Choose Products with Easy Claim Process

Finally, choose an insurance product that has an easy claim process. The easy claim process can save you time and energy.

That's a complete explanation of all risk car insurance. hopefully useful for you.
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