Pregnancy Insurance : Types, and How to Claim

Pregnancy Insurance : Types, and How to Claim

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in a woman's life. However, on the other hand there are risks that accompany, both for pregnant women and prospective babies. 

As is known, one of the reasons for the high mortality rate of pregnant women is the lack of knowledge of expectant mothers about the condition of their babies. Because sometimes expectant mothers also do not check the pregnancy to the midwife or obstetrician, and often do not get the maximum treatment when giving birth.

Definition of Pregnancy Insurance

Pregnancy or childbirth insurance is a health insurance product that covers costs from pregnancy to delivery. This form of protection is useful to reduce the burden of costs such as pregnancy examination, medical costs during childbirth, to bear medical action due to miscarriage.

In maternity insurance there is also a waiting period term, usually 12 months. That is, if the customer registers in September 2021, then they have to wait until 12 months later or September 2022 to be able to use the insurance benefits to give birth. However, there are also some insurance products that do not have a waiting period according to the policy of each company.

Then is it important to give birth insurance? The answer is very important, especially since the birth process itself has a very big risk, both for mother and baby. To anticipate such risks, pregnant women need to protect themselves with pregnancy insurance.

Any costs, risks, and constraints that occur during the auto delivery process will be the responsibility of the insurance company as well. Later, pregnant women can also breathe a sigh of relief and calm during the delivery process later.

Keep in mind, for those of you who want to buy insurance products for pregnancy and childbirth programs, do not be surprised to hear the terms of the waiting period. Therefore, the waiting period (waiting period) is a certain period of time that must be passed before receiving the benefits of insurance coverage or before receiving the benefits of a claim. The waiting period generally applies to health and childbirth protection.
Usually insurance companies impose a waiting period for various chronic diseases. During this waiting period the insured cannot obtain a claim. There are several types of waiting periods that are often used in health insurance, including:

Preliminary Waiting Period

Usually this waiting period applies to hospital stay benefits. Ideally, the waiting period ranges from 14 to 30 days. But there are usually exceptions for medical treatment due to unforeseen accidents.

Waiting Period for a Pre-Existing Period

For this one is a type of waiting period for various diseases or health conditions based on a history or pre existing medical condition. This waiting period ranges from one to 24 months.

Waiting Period for Critical Illness

This is a waiting period that applies to certain types or cases of disease, usually each insurance company has its own rules on the classification of cases of this disease, with the duration of the waiting period ranging from three to 12 months.

Maternity Waiting Period

Finally, this waiting period exists in health insurance that provides pregnancy and childbirth benefits. The typical waiting period ranges from nine to 12 months.

Types of Pregnancy Insurance

In pregnancy or childbirth insurance, there are several types that are grouped into two, namely life insurance and health insurance. Here is a more complete explanation.

Life Insurance

Although called life insurance, but this insurance provides a guarantee of protection for mothers and unborn babies during pregnancy. The benefits obtained are the cost of coverage before and after the birth, the cost of complications of childbirth, incubator care, the presence of abnormalities or defects, and the possibility of the baby dying.

Health Insurance

This insurance is issued directly by Manulife Indonesia insurance. The costs covered include the cost of normal delivery, cesarean section, assisted delivery, and pregnancy complications. Uniquely, the cost of coverage is provided in cashless form. You only need to show your membership card when you want to use this insurance.

Pregnancy Insurance Benefits

Childbirth requires a lot of money so you have to do a careful financial planning. Especially if your current condition is a single parent. With the amount of maternity costs that will be borne by the insurance, then you do not have to worry anymore when approaching the time of delivery. However, to get an affordable price, it is best to adjust the premiums and classes that will be taken to your needs.

In addition to the cost of childbirth, insurance also covers the cost of pre -natal and post -natal care. Moreover, during pregnancy before delivery, a mother must regularly go to the doctor to check the pregnancy. 

Not to mention if giving birth in a condition that is quite problematic, so that requires the mother and baby to take care for the recovery period. Plus the cost required for such care is enough to drain the bag.

Of course you also need to consider the needs of the little one starting from milk, diapers and other needs until he grows up. With these considerations in mind, the step taken is to register as a health insurance participant. 

However, to get these benefits, you also need to consider a few things when choosing insurance. That way, you don't have to choose the right type of insurance. In addition, there are also some benefits of pregnancy insurance that need to be known, among others:

1. Reduce costs before and after childbirth

Not only does it cover the cost of childbirth, maternity insurance also covers the cost before and after the birth. So, all forms of costs that arise due to the check up and treatment will be the responsibility of the insurance company.

Ideally, check all the benefits that pregnant women get both before and after giving birth. If at any time the insurance company rejects the claim, at least you have strong evidence stating that the claim was accepted in accordance with what is stated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Reduce infant mortality

For information, it is noted that some women are forced to have an abortion because they cannot afford to pay the expensive cost of childbirth. With the availability of pregnancy insurance is expected to reduce the number of abortions and infant mortality rates for pregnant women.

Both pregnant women and their families no longer have to worry about the cost of childbirth. Some of these costs will be borne by the insurance company. For the amount of insurance costs depends on the amount of premiums paid each month.

3. Get the best delivery facilities

Another benefit of having protection for pregnancy and childbirth is access to more adequate health facilities. Because, some large hospitals charge a lot of money for caesarean sections.

Note that this surgical action requires adequate equipment. With the insurance for pregnancy program, it is faster to get treatment with maximum medical equipment, thus reducing the risk of death in mother and baby.

That's some information on pregnancy insurance. Seeing the explanation above is certainly very useful to choose this one insurance.
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