Easy Way to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Easy Way to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

How to easily and quickly reduce car insurance premiums? Public awareness of the importance of car insurance is not spared from anxiety about the higher premium prices.

This time, Finansialku will provide readers with information on several ways that you can reduce the price of car insurance premiums.

Here The Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium!

Ask the Premium Price Before Buying a Car

So that you don't pay insurance premiums that are too expensive, you can ask the estimated annual premium price that you must pay if you want to buy the car insurance.

Usually, the insurance premium will depend on the type, year of expenditure and the model of your car. The rarer or more expensive your auto parts are, the higher the cost for repairs. To cover the loss, the insurance company will then charge you a high premium.

In some cases, if you buy a car with good passenger protection, the insurance company will give you a discounted premium. Such security systems are for example airbags or automatic seat belts.

For that, consult the cost of insurance premiums before you buy a car to get the lowest possible premium.

Use Only One Insurance Company

The insurance products that you use may vary, ranging from health insurance, life to car insurance. Actually, you can save on car insurance premiums by using several insurance products from only one insurance company. Especially in the current era, 1 insurance company already has many diverse products to meet customer needs. You can ask the insurance product you want at the car insurance company that you are using.

Ask about the bonuses and benefits you get if you use several different insurance products from them. Are there premium discounts or waivers? Or is there an acceptable protection bonus ?

If the car insurance company does not provide the insurance product you want, you can look for another company that provides car insurance products as well as additional insurance.

In this way, in addition to saving on car insurance premiums, you can also save on other insurance premiums.

Adjust Insurance Needs

You don't need all the protection offered by an insurance product. After you buy an insurance product for 1 or 2 years, surely you already know which protection is more needed and which is not.

At this point, you can review some of the insurance benefits that you don't need. This consideration can be seen from whether you have used it or whether these benefits make your premiums more expensive. Eliminating this benefit can lower your premiums. For example, if you live in a high-security neighborhood, you can reduce your car's protection against crime.

Drive Well

Reducing risk by being more careful can also reduce the amount of premium that must be paid. One of them is the way you drive the car. Being careful when driving will reduce your chances of making an insurance claim. The less often you make a claim, the higher the chance that your premium will decrease. There are several provisions of the insurance company which if within 3 years, you do not make a claim, then your premium will be reduced.

In addition to being careful, the frequency you drive can also make your insurance premiums lower. You can inform your insurance agent about the frequency of driving. It's possible that the insurance company can reduce the claim price if you have a clean record.

Adding Security Devices

The safer you equip your car, the less risk there is to your car. With reduced risk, this can be used as the basis for reducing the price of monthly premiums to be paid. Some security equipment that you can use, such as alarms, steering locks or car CCTV cameras. Helping to reduce risk means helping to reduce premiums.

Ask for a discount

Don't be shy to ask if there is a way to cut the premium price, for example by paying a lump sum (annually) or by paying cash. In addition to the availability of discounts, you should also ask how much savings can be made to weigh the profit and loss. You can directly contact the insurance agent or contact the call center directly.

Looking for another insurance company

There's nothing wrong with looking for another insurance company that offers lower premiums with similar coverage. Doing comparisons and choosing based on these comparisons are commonplace when choosing insurance.

One thing to be aware of is not to choose an insurance company that offers low premiums with a high number of claims, because they may be scammers. Look for a company with a good reputation and experience.

Have a Good Credit Score

Maybe you are confused about the relationship between having a good credit history and the high and low premium costs.In fact, many insurance companies have collaborated with banks to determine consumer credit scores in determining premium prices. To keep your premiums low, you must have a good credit score. For that, don't forget to pay bills on time.

Don't Just Focus on Cheap Premiums

Wanting a cheap premium must be matched with the number of claims you can receive. Do not just for the sake of cheap premiums, claim that you are entitled to too little. This will only harm you because if the risk occurs, you will still have to spend quite a lot of money to replace the damage to the car.
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